The following is a sample of some of the 50+ successful projects we have completed over the past 8 years. Contact us for more details of these and other projects.


Logan City Council Asset Custodianship Review

We analysed Council's asset custodianship arrangements focusing on 'grey areas' where there were unclear responsibilities. We developed a roles-based Asset Custodianship Model around the concepts of a Service Manager and an Asset Manager. We applied this model to the problem asset types and socialised the concepts with affected stakeholders. We incorporated the stakeholders' feedback into the model then prepared and presented a report to their peak asset management governance committee which was approved.

Redland City Council CAPEX Prioritisation Tool

We worked with key stakeholders to define their requirements for a Multi-Criteria Analysis (MCA) prioritisation tool for capital works bids. We also developed a BPMN process map to articulate the roles, responsibilities and process steps in the capital works planning process.

We implemented a proof-of-concept of the design in Microsoft Excel. This proved so successful that Council used the prototype tool for the prioritisation of its 2018-19 Capital Works Program.

Western Downs Regional Council Core IT Systems Review

We reviewed the performance of Council’s existing ERP, GIS and Records Management systems with a broad cross-section of stakeholders from across the organisation. This required the development of product assessment instruments and statistical analysis of stakeholder responses. We identified critical issues and opportunities around data quality, governance, training and support arrangements as well as the technologies themselves.

After presenting the findings of this analysis back to stakeholders and incorporating their feedback, we presented recommendations to the Executive Leadership team then to Council.

This resulted in another engagement to develop the Business Case and perform a Return on Investment (ROI) analysis on the recommended option.

South Burnett Regional Council Infrastructure Division Business Systems Review

We conducted a comprehensive review of the Infrastructure Division’s business activities that involved running collaborative design workshops with Managers, Coordinators and Supervisors as well as key stakeholders from other Branches. This resulted in the identification and prioritisation of dozens of improvement initiatives. As a result of this project, 19 objectives were defined to articulate the new direction and to transform the operations of the Infrastructure Division.

One of these objectives was the mapping and analysis of key business processes to clarify roles and responsibilities and reduce role compression. We performed this work, and the Infrastructure Division is progressively implementing these new processes. The project has also spawned several data quality improvement initiatives that will help the Infrastructure Division realise its goal of becoming a more pro-active, evidence-based and customer-focused business.